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This service is generally used for automotive liquidation, court appearances, mediation services, depositions, valuation, subrogation, estate property automotive assessment, total loss negotiation, accident investigation, and diminished value.


We provide organizational value appraisal programs for groups, clubs and corporations.  

General valuation service is used to value a vehicle for any reason.

Damage appraisals can be needed to settle claim or to determine repair viability.

Diminished Value occurs when a vehicle sustains an event of negative influence on its value such as an accident or negative history.

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For the professional car collector, exotic car enthusiast, or the restorer, it is extremely important to have a succession plan in case of any unforeseen or tragic events.

The team at ACP will help you to develop an appraisal outline of all your vehicles and help to relieve the stress on loved ones when the need arises to have your collection of cars valued. We will answer such questions as how to Apprise and when/where is the right time to Liquidate. We understand you have spent a lifetime collecting your cars and planning for their certain future. At Automotive Consulting Professionals, we help you plan for the uncertain future.


Damages for Loss of Use can be significant. New, luxury, or exotic cars, trucks, and RV’s can rent for hundreds of dollars a day. Repairing these vehicles can take weeks and sometimes months to complete.

Loss of use is a legal term that is used to describe the compensation a person will receive for the time that they are deprived of the use of their car and inconvenienced due to damages sustained and the resulting repairs that need to be made to restore the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

You are entitled to compensation from a third party (at fault party) Insurance company for financial consequences resulting from the result of accident-related damage.

In case you didn’t know, loss of use damage can be recovered even when there is no actual rental of a substitute vehicle.  We can help. Click the loss of use interest form below.

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