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This service is based on the conclusions and opinion of the appraiser and is not a guarantee that this vehicle will realize the appraised value if offered for sale. The appraised value is reached by researching several sources for comparable vehicles including but not limited to knowledgeable specialists and other resources as they pertain to this particular vehicle. The appraised value is the amount that the vehicle could sell for between a willing buyer and seller in the current marketplace. This is with the understanding that each party is well informed having all applicable information pertaining to the market in which this type of vehicle is sold and that neither party is under any duress to buy or sell.

This appraisal is based upon matters that are apparent to the appraiser from a visual inspection, and assumes that there are no hidden conditions to the vehicle that would cause it to differ in value. The appraised value is to be considered for complete, roadworthy vehicles except in the case of damages as noted in the appraisal report.

Factors utilized in the consideration of the appraised value of the vehicle include its: physical, cosmetic and mechanical condition, options, originality or authenticity, quality of restoration or repairs, model popularity, rarity or uniqueness, and the current economic state of the market. Only relevant factors are considered in the appraised value of the vehicle.

This appraisal is made with the understanding that the appraiser assumes no liability with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis of this appraisal and does not include matters which might become apparent from disassembling or from repeated use of the vehicle. No liability can be ascribed to the appraiser or the appraisal organization in regard to the functionality of any vehicle component. The appraiser is not required to appear in court or give testimony regarding the appraisal or the appraised vehicle unless fees for appearance are arranged with client prior to the event.

This appraisal does not make any opinion to the legal status of the title of the vehicle, which is assumed to be good and marketable. Information, opinions and statements given by the client or vehicle representative are considered trustworthy and the appraiser assumes no responsibility for their accuracy and has no duty to confirm same.

The appraiser has no current or future interest in the appraised vehicle and payment for services is not contingent upon the outcome of the appraisal. The appraiser has no personal bias concerning the subject of the appraisal

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